EGO Paysenger


In order to ensure a fair distribution of income between the holders of EGO tokens, we have planned utility for the EGO token.
  1. 1.
    Idea-Makers or Brands find creators they want to collaborate with and send them detailed content requests. Craters produce and deliver content based on requests from idea-makers. - Paysenger gets a commission of 20% for each paid request on hte platform; the remaining 80% goes to creators. Part of the commission from fiat payments will be used for utility of EGO tokens by the issuer. This will lead to an increase in the value of EGO tokens in the market.
  2. 2.
    Creators and idea-makers collectively own NFTs or any content produced after a paid request. Idea-makers are primary owners and the creators are the beneficial owners; both parties get paid royalty earnings of any subsequent sale or use of digital content/assets. Platform users can purchase NFTs listed on Paysenger’s NFT Marketplace.
    - Paysenger receives a commission fee for each NFT sold. Additionally, NFT owners – idea-makers and creators - also collectively earn royalties when their NFT gets resold. Part of the commission for minting of the NFTs will be used for utility.
  3. 3.
    Paysenger is creating a Contest Rewards Pool and special events that will work around specific themes & charitable goals. For example, (a) Nike asks for a promotion which features its merchandise; (b) A brand asks for a 300k user test-campaign on their newly released game; A contest where all of Paysenger platform participants are to apply to fulfill contest goals for rewards. - Paysenger receives a commission fee for hosting such contests. Part of that commission is used for utility of the EGO token.