EGO Paysenger
The platform rewards you for using EGO with:
Reduced platform fees;
The ability to sell or purchase NFTs on the marketplace, which uses EGO primarily for all transactions or deductions;
The ability to hold EGO tokens, while it increases in value overtime due to an increasing number of people using EGO to trade NFTs and perform other services on the platform in exchange for it.
Unlike other internal currency systems, the value of EGO keeps changing.
If you choose to purchase EGO using conventional currencies, your purchase will be subject to the current exchange rate within the platform.

Buyback and burning of tokens

In order to ensure a fair distribution of income between the holders of EGO tokens, we have planned a Buyback and Burn.
  • 100% of the commission for minting of NFTs is burned;
  • 50% of all the internal commissions paid in EGO are burned (NFT marketplace, creators’ services, etc.);
  • 100% of the commission from fiat payments go to buyback of EGO tokens by the issuer. It leads to an increase in the value of EGO tokens in the market
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