EGO Paysenger


Our team consists of tech and fintech veterans who have worked in some of the most influential companies in the industry – including the marketing director of Wargaming and the head of the strategic department of SAP.
These specialists bring years of experience in the industry, close ties and relationships with influencers and celebrities, and “market insider” knowledge to the table.
Key members of the team


Paul Maksimoff CBDO, Founder Co-founder Unlimint Group (
Stan Novi CEO, Founder 10+ years IT-development
Egor Trufanov CMO, Founder Apostle of influencer marketing among the clients: leaders of the fin. tech industry

Team Leads

Kira Maevska Legal Advisor
Victoria Virgo Human Resourse Department
Viktoria Bril Product Manager
Andrew Seoev BDO, Blockchain Division Department
Art Artemiuk Head of PA
Costas Sudo Promo dept
Alex Rapoport Head of Marketing
John Petrush Head of Development
Viktor Heisenberg Head of Analytics
John Cap Product Manager NFT
Roman Rikk Mobile Development
Artemis Krasi BizDev Project Manager
Karin Veri Partnerships Lead
Origin Gold Creative Team Lead
Nadia Aleinik Head of Clients Department
Iren Boiko Influence Marketing Department