EGO Paysenger

How does Paysenger work?

Platform Roles

On Paysenger users can find themselves in different roles depending on what they are looking for: Requesters (Idea-makers) are individuals, creative brands or companies that come up with ideas. These ideas are sent as paid requests to Creators who then turn them into the content. Content Consumers are those who enjoy, share, and engage with the content and are rewarded with monetary prizes for performing activities on the platform.
Paysenger roles are not set in stone. You could be any of the above at any time!

Workflow and Use Cases

Quick workflow summary

  • Send a content request: Idea-makers find creators they want to collaborate with and send them detailed content requests.
  • Create content: Creators produce and deliver content based on requests from the idea-makers. Finished content can be posted on the Paysenger Feed. In addition, all content is turned into NFTs, securing the ownership of both the creator and the idea maker.
  • Get rewarded: Both creators and idea-makers get a share of the rewards earned from top-performing content.

Content requests

Idea-maker (requesters) find creators in the catalog and collaborate with them to bring content ideas to life. The first step is to send a paid content request to a creator.
The price of a request is specified by the creator, however, requesters can also bid higher for a prompt response. When an idea-maker sends a paid request, the payment gets reserved by the system until the request gets fulfilled by the creator.
If a creator doesn’t respond to a request within {Money_Unblock_Period} days or chooses to decline the request, the money initially reserved by the system automatically gets returned to the requester’s account.
After a creator responds and fulfills the request, the payment gets released by the system and 80% of it gets transferred to the creator’s balance. The remaining 20% is withheld by Paysenger as a platform fee.

Hidden requests

Hidden requests are used by requesters to prevent creators from publishing responses on the public feed or sharing with others. Requesters may change the privacy setting or publish hidden content themselves even at a later stage.
However, doing so will also lift restrictions on the original creator to publish or share the hidden content.


Any content purchased or created on Paysenger can be minted into an NFT. These NFTs can be sold, published, or forwarded at the owner’s discretion. The platform allows minting of all types of content, including text messages, videos, audios, and images.


Contests are a part of the monetization system that incentivizes content creation and creativity allowing content owners to earn monetary rewards. Paysenger will host multiple contests based on content popularity, different themes, and partnerships.
Rewards are derived as a percentage of all platform fees gathered through the use of the EGO Rewards Pool. In addition to that, the Contest Rewards Pool is utilized to stimulate rewards.
Users are encouraged to participate in contests as their participation can directly influence the results and rewards distribution by voting (liking) content they think should deserve to win.