Paysenger will have multiple ways to encourage and reward its users for creating and appreciating digital content.

🤝 Content Creation

Creators collaborate with Idea-makers to create content as NFT and get directly commissioned for its creation

🏆 Top-performing сontent

Created content that gets viral on the platform will be eligible for prizes. Both the content owner (NFT holder) and the original creator are eligible for rewards!

⚡Contests and special event rewards

Contests are part of a rewarding program that incentivizes content creation and user participation through which content owners could earn monetary rewards. Paysenger will organize multiple contests based on content popularity, different themes and partnerships.

❤️ Social interaction and participation

Use the follow, like, and comment features to be a part of the co-creator economy and earn rewards in proportion to your impact on content popularity

💎 NFT selling and royalties

Each time an NFT is sold, Creators are rewarded fairly for their digital work. These creator earnings are paid every time an NFT moves from wallet to wallet.

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