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Global creator market continues to grow & traditional social media networks do not meet the needs of smaller to medium sized creators. Blockchain technology can be applied to overcome these barriers. Furthermore, global ecosystem can be created by connecting small creators to opportunities of global traditional social media and non-traditional media variations.

Thus, it seems that the market has a need for a create-to-earn social network with new ethics of communication. A platform infused with Web3 principles with a unique utility token. The world’s first network with full practical support for NFTs, where every piece of content on is a potential asset. All content exchanged between users can and should be turned into NFTs and monetized for the creators.

Thus, all payouts and purchases on Paysenger are carried out using the $EGO token. EGO is Paysenger’s internal payment system. We call it the “currency of attention” because it allows users to buy the time, expertise, and attention of creators all over the planet.

It can be purchased using other conventional payment methods such as everyday fiat currencies, other old & new crypto currencies, or earned directly on the platform by trading NFTs or providing services to others.

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