The Issue Many artists find AI-art generation tools unethical, as they often use datasets containing artwork scraped from the internet without permission. This can result in visible watermarks or signatures. Additionally, AI art may undermine the skills of human artists and exploit their work for profit when selling generative art.

Paysenger Introducing personalized AI model- an exclusive, artist-specific AI model that learns and generates art in the creator's unique style. This model is trained on the artist's data and portfolio and use social account for validation and access. Features

A) AI-Generated Visual Art:

• Artists upload their collection as a dataset, create a name for it, and set the price for AI-generated images.

• Audiences or other creators can send requests for collaboration or add their own prompts or images.

• The AI model generates an image based on the request, mints it as an NFT, and sends it to the requestor.

B ) AI-Generated Chat:

• Artists upload text from their speeches, tweets, YouTube videos with subtitles, or Facebook profiles.

• Audiences can ask questions about content, online courses, or product descriptions.

• The AI model speaks for the creator and seeks clarification when uncertain, continually improving through feedback.

C) AI-Generated Photo:

• Functions like AI-generated images but caters to different use cases, such as generating photos of models or influencers wearing brand items.

How it Works

This personalized AI art model leverages blockchain technology and NFTs to protect generated content, ensuring that every piece is securely attributed to the creator.

Use Cases

• Artists can create unique AI-generated art in their distinct style.

• Brands can generate customized promotional images featuring models or influencers.


• Continued development and refinement of AI models for increased accuracy and versatility.

• Expansion into additional content types, such as audio and video generation.

• Partnership opportunities with art marketplaces, social platforms, and brands.


Our goal is to empower creators and artists, enabling them to harness the potential of AI while preserving their creative integrity. By combining personalized AI models, blockchain technology, and NFTs, we strive to revolutionize the art world and foster new opportunities for artists and brands alike.

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