What currency is supposed to be used to buy my allocation during the public sale? USDT or BUSD? — ERC-20(USDT/USDC), BEP-20(USDT/BUSD), TRC-20(USDT).

How to pay commissions? In what currency is it charged? How to pay gas fees? — Gas depends on the network and can be paid in: ERC-20 - Ethereum, BEP-20 - BNB, TRC-20 - Tron(TRX)

What is the contract address? — The contract will be published closer to TGE event.

Which chain I need to prepare to receive EGO?— Binance Smart chain. You need to use a NON-CUSTODIAL wallet (Metamask, Trustwallet, etc). Please do not use an exchange address, as your funds may be lost in this case.

Any gas fee charged for the token sale? If yes, any way to prevent or get cheaper gas fees? — The commission is not set by us, but by the blockchain. Please prepare some ETH to pay gas fees. Gas depends on the network and can be paid in: ERC-20 - Ethereum, BEP-20 - BNB, TRC-20 - Tron(TRX)

What are the planned launchpads for this project? — There are several offers for launchpads. But that will be announced after the pre-sale is completed.

The sale is conducted on BSC network or it's needed to hold funding tokens on ETH? — EGO token will be distributed in the BSC network. However, you should pay with ERC-20(USDT/USDC), BEP-20(USDT/BUSD), TRC-20(USDT).

How do I know that token is allocated to me? Any email from tokensoft? — You can check your allocation in the “Past transactions” section in Profile.

Where EGO will be listed? — listing on PancakeSwap, Bitmart and more exchanges.

Where can I see the seed investors? — https://t.me/egocoin_en/3849 Please follow the link to check the seed investors

People in the US can't participate? — We would love to provide access, but due to US legislation, we cant do this.

What are the minimum and maximum purchase amounts? — min $250 max $2500

I have already made a purchase through tokensoft, and I have also registered at Fractal. What is the function of fractal? — Fractal is used by our website to complete KYC. It's recommended to pass it in order to make a purchase.

I have already Meta Mask and I will fund that soon. How can I transfer my fund from Meta Mask to Ego wallet? — There is no separate EGO wallet. Ego tokens will be distributed to your BSC address as a token (ETH and BSC addresses are usually the same).

When and where will IDO be? — IDO is postponed for Q2 2023. Stay tuned for further updates.

I must pay via MetaMask. Can I input the BSC address from the trust wallet? — You should insert the address from which you are sending the payment, so we can identify the transfer

What is your official legal address? — John Kennedy, 8, IRIS HOUSE, Floor 7, Office 740C 3106, Limassol, Cyprus.

Will there be a staking option? Yes, we are planning to implement a staking feature however more details are coming later.

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