Audiences and their problems

Unlike mainstream social media platforms, Paysenger doesn’t require its users to use any tactics such as tedious content posting routines to exert their influence or to get paid.

It’s a straightforward process of taking payments from people interested in your skill, expertise, or status in exchange for your time and attention.

Here’s a breakdown of how the platform benefits specific audience groups.

Scientists, researchers and professors

It's no secret that scientists, researchers, and professors just don’t get paid enough in our society.

Social media paved the way for many experts, inventors and entertainers to make money online by creating entertaining or “click-worthy” content for the general public and getting paid in donations or ad money.

However, as discussed earlier, social media brand building is extremely counterproductive to the work of scientists and researchers due to the social media paradox (unless their work can somehow be translated into entertaining content for the masses).

Infact, a lot of these scientists and researchers don’t have a social media presence at all – they choose to stay offline and focus on their work, which is a significant disadvantage to them as they are not able to connect with new opportunities.

Paysenger’s platform ensures that the real inventors, creators and innovators of our society get the recognition they deserve, and are able to connect with a lot more people without needing to spend tedious and utterly useless hours maintaining a social media presence.

Highly-skilled experts and professionals

This includes carpenters, designers, chefs, artists, hair stylists, advisors, tutors and many other experts of our society that get overlooked and ignored.

These people have spent countless hours mastering their craft and becoming true experts, and their skills are constantly in demand on Paysenger.

Our platform allows these people to reach out to a broader audience, internationalize their services and get themselves known.

It allows experts to find lucrative contracts and connect with people all over the world in need of their services.

Media and showbiz professionals

If you want to make it in showbiz, you need the right connections.

Paysenger makes it so much easier for showbiz professionals to find talented people to work with, and also for talented people to connect with top-class agents and employers in their industry.

Instead of relying on third-party connections or going through a constant struggle of “getting lucky in front of the right audience”, our platform allows people to have a predictable way up by connecting them directly with opportunities.

It eliminates the guesswork of old-school outreach tactics making it as easy as hitting a button to establish long-term connections with some of the most influential people in the showbiz industry.

Businessmen, top managers, and entrepreneurs

A business is simply an idea to make other people’s lives better. And to make an idea happen, you need good people on your side.

Businesses have always had rigorous hiring systems to find high-quality talent in their industry.

To do so, there are entire departments dedicated to go through hundreds and thousands of applications, under the belief that “you don’t find a good person for the job, you meet one”.

The same goes for business development projects, raising finance, or meeting the perfect business partner, where entrepreneurs rely solely on luck or chance to “meet” the right person who would decide the future of their entire business.

Why leave something so critical to your success up to chance when you could simply find that person and book a session with them in seconds?

Bloggers and opinion leaders

Bloggers are the backbone of written internet content and usually make a living creating compelling articles to talk about their interests, passion, ambitions, and opinions.

These people are also highly in demand since they create ways for brands, startups and companies to advertise their products through blogs, offering some of the best tools to do PR and build brand awareness.

Which also means that getting in touch with these people with a business opportunity is extremely difficult.

Paysenger helps these people to make money not only from their services but from the attention they get and allows them to choose to work only with high-paying clients who are relevant to their work.

Content creators and influencers

Content creators and influencers have shaped the entire economy of internet monetization, and their social media presence is what creates entire trends in the market.

Influencer marketing is also one of the most effective ways of building loyal customers which makes influencers and content creators some of the most in-demand people on the internet. They get spammed constantly all over their social media channels, email, and phone numbers, and the bigger the influencer is, the harder it is to get their attention.

From an influencer’s point of view, it’s tremendously hard to filter through all the noise and identify real opportunities, which is why it usually takes many outreach campaigns to get in touch with an influencer.

The market is so unregulated and out of control that you can never get predictable results from your campaigns because conversion rates are extremely low especially for macro influencer campaigns.

Regardless of how big of a buyer or brand you are, finding or connecting with influencers/content creators will always be a challenge primarily due to the inherent difficulties of trying to filter through the noise of the internet.

Paysenger fixes this by allowing influencers to set up their public profiles on the platform where people interested in collaborating can immediately pay or bid for sessions without needing to follow up or going through any rigorous marketing campaigns.

The general public

“Everybody these days is an influencer” holds true in today’s society as the internet affects everyone’s lives in one way or another.

Paysenger creates exciting ways for everyone to be a part of the platform – either to make money directly by selling their time or by selling other people’s time by trading NFTs.

It creates new money-making opportunities and allows direct, transparent and unhindered communication that could even be life-changing for many people who don’t have direct access to quality connections.

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