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Meet Paysenger 👋
Paysenger is the easiest way on the planet to get in touch with influencers, thought leaders, politicians, speakers, or in general, people of skill, status and significant influence who are now more out of reach than ever.
The advent of the Internet was supposed to connect people all over the world. However, it’s now pulling us apart.
And it’s all because of the degrading behavior of spammers and advertisers who have forced the public to be in an “always be ignoring” mentality.
Especially people that are in demand are constantly spammed with requests from agents, bots, businesses, brands, and journalists that it is impossible for them to distinguish between high-value, genuinely beneficial connections that are relevant to them with baloney on the internet.
To fix this, Paysenger has opened up a new channel of premium, reliable and ethical communication online by monetizing all interaction. We make it easier for people of skill or status to allow others to contact them, either via audio, IM, or video in exchange for most fiat currencies or our platform’s “attention currency” known as EGO.

EGO–the platform’s ‘attention token’

Time is money and Paysenger’s built-in attention currency system called EGOCoin will revolutionize the way people trade or “sell” their time and attention on the platform.
Time is a finite resource and EGO gives everyone a realistic way of measuring the worth of their time so that every interaction between buyers and sellers of attention becomes direct, productive, to-the-point, and free from marketing bias.
The currency can not only be traded for time, but also earned on the platform by selling NFTs on the built-in marketplace or by trading with others.
Paysenger allows exchange of exclusive content between people who interact with each other on the platform, and ensures that intellectual properties of both parties are protected by turning shared content into NFTs.
The platform’s revolutionary well-regulated attention economy will create numerous exciting ways for people to achieve their life goals by buying or selling attention.
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